MiraLAX NeatPAX Stool Softener Powder Unflavored Grit Free 10 Packets 01/18 +

Product Code: 192216047411

Price: $16.16 $14.99

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Packaging:May have wear and tear due to storage and handling
Expiration Date:01/18 +
Custom Label:RAW 1420
Formulation:Powder Packets
Active Ingredients:Polyethylene Glycol
Country/Region of Manufacture:United States
Age Group:Adult
Features:Sugar Free
Product:Stool Softener

You will receive TWO boxes of
MiraLAX NeatPAX Stool Softener Powder Unflavored Grit Free 10 Packets 01/18+
New and sealed
Packaging may vary due to redesign
Items sent in order of Exp Date (1st to expire sent before "newer")
Package may have wear and tear due to storage and handling
Packages opened due to handling are checked to ensure inner factory seals are secure before shipping
See all pictures for details
Each box contains 10 packets
Grit Free
Relieves Occasional Constipation and Irregularity 
Softens Stool
Travel Size
Dissolves In ANY Beverage 
Sugar Free
Generally Produces Bowel Movement In One (1) to Three (3) Days 

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